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Expand your bedroom space with bunk bed and loft bed

Expand your bedroom space with loft bed

when your kids room have limited space or you just bought one shoe-box condo and planned to decorate
your bedroom for a good price for rent, you would better to consider the bunk bed/loft to make your
bedroom more flexible.

Here are some tips come from ibenma when you start to design your bedroom.

Study your desired bunk bed or loft bed in advance

One good bunk bed should be able to fit for adult use and naughty child to play. Child like the bunk bed
and loft bed in nature, you must make sure the bed pole and bed slats sturdy enough. and you should
ask saleperson to check the maximum weight it can bear or you can try to climb up the top bed to experience
it in person.
modular queen size bunk bed
Bunk bed with staircase, below bed drawer ,pull-out bed and bookshelf etc


Functionality are important in choosing the style you will buy. it is enough flexible to expand to different function unit.
for example, one bunk bed can be suitable for child, grandparent to use together. during the growing up of child, there
are surely a lot of toy and books need to be stored properly. enough drawer or cabinet should be another consideration.
One suitable bunk bed should be able to configure the pull-out bed, drawers or staircase with drawer for later big
storage requirements.

modular loft bed with study table space

Bunk bed can be configure to study workshop etc when your child grew up

modular slider loft bed

Bunk bed converted to loft bed with bookcase and study table

modular bunk bed

Bunk bed converted to loft bed with wardrobe and study table

One suitable loft bed with your desire configuration only need less 3 sqm to make your room
different outlines.


You also must consider the material of furniture, usually solid wood furniture can be last for a long time
compared with MDF furniture.
Varnish and surface process are also another factor to determine whether furniture is worthy to its money.

Durability and Safety

When you plan to buy children's bedroom furniture it is again important to look at the quality of the furniture.
Make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand children playing and activity such as the normal "monkeys
jumping on the bed."

In order to save the cost, you can buy some modular furniture that alow you to buy its components as per your
requirements along children grew up.

You also must be careful to choose eco-friendly and children friendly furniture. it should not have any sharp
corner or edge. bed slats are safe enough to support children jumping.

Keep safety in mind when buying children's furniture and you'll find safe, enjoyable furniture that will endure
years of child's play!

Safety should be first priority to choose any furniture.

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