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Key points to design children modular bunk bed and loft bed

Ibenma has followed following key points d
uring designing of children modular bed:

1. Eco-friendly

  Strictly only use SGS certified EN71 standard materials such as paints, varnish;

  Strictly only use FSC certified solid Finland pine wood which is not so hard to avoid potential injury during playing;

2. Economical cost

  Aiming to achieve the goal that customer can use our bed from baby to adult, not need to dispose old one frequently.

3. Flexibility

Considering to the growing of children from baby, bed should cater to children different stage demands and easy to transform;

it will be easily convert between bunk bed, loft bed and single bed without much efforts.

4. Safety

All beds including bunk bed,loft bed do not allow sharp edge and provide enhanced side rail to protect children from falldown from bed.

different height bunk beds and loft beds cater for age of child and provide different configuration such as ladder or staircase for safe use.

All joined parts are secured properly from design stage to avoid assembly fault.

All woods are imported and processed directly in Finland FSC certified forests;

we always use SGS certified water based paint to assure nontoxic requirements for our children specially young baby.

ibenma certificate for children bed

Modular bed transform stage between bunk bed,loft bed and toddler bed:

1. young todder stage

modular bed

2. 4-7 years old
convertible to medium height loft bed. Space below the bed can be used play area or storage space for toys etc.

modular low loft bed, low bunk bed

3. 7- 16 years old
bunk bed can be converted into loft bed with efficient study space below.

modular loft bed with study table space

4. adult stage
modular bed can be converted to normal adult single bed.

simple modular bed

Features of Bunk bed and loft bed:

Bunk bed or loft bed staircase is designed to install left or right side.
Different height options for bunk bed and loft bed.

Ladders can be installed left, right, head or tail directions.
Ladders can be ergonomic or straight ladder.
All beds are freely to transform between ladder and staircase;


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