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Mattress size guide

If you are going to reside in other country, following mattress size inforamtion may be helpful for you.

North America (USA) standard mattress size:
Single/Twin Size: 39in x 75in (99cm x 191cm)
Twin XL: 39in x 80in (99cm x 203cm)
Double/Full Size: 54in x 75in (137cm x 191cm)
Queen Size: 60in x 80in (152cm x 203cm)
King Size: 76in x 80in (198cm x 203cm)
California King: 72in x 84in (183cm x 213cm)

(Note: revised according to Greg's suggestion from USA, Thank you so much Greg)

North America (Canada) standard mattress size:
(please kindly check from
Crib 28 x 51" 71.1 x 129.5 cm
Half Queen 30 x 79 1/2" 76.2 x 202 cm
Twin/Single 38 x 741/2" 96.5 x 189 cm
Twin/Single Extra Long (XL) 38 x 791/2" 96.5 x 202 cm Also known as "Twin Long"
Double/Full 53 x 74 1/2"134.5 x 189 cm Also known as "Standard"
Queen RV (Most RV's) 60 x 74 1/2" 152.5 x 189 cm
Queen 60 x 79 1/2" 152.5 x 202 cm
California King (Western King)1 72 x 84" 183 x 213 cm
King (Eastern King) 76 x 79 1/2" 193 x 202 cm

Australia mattress size:
Single size: 36in x 74in (92cm x 187cm)
King Single: 42in x 80in (106cm x 203cm)
double size: 54in x 74in (137cm x 187cm)
Queen Size:  60in x 80in (153cm x 203cm)
King Size:   72in x 80in (183cm x 203cm)

UK and ireland mattress size:
Smal single: 30in x 70in (75cm x 180cm)
Single size: 36in x 75in (90cm x 190cm)
Small double:48in x 75in (120cm x 190cm)
Double size: 54in x 75in (135cm x 190cm)
King size:   60in x 80in (150cm x 200cm)
Super King:  72in x 80in (180cm x 200cm)

Mainland European mattress size
Italy mattress size:
Una piazza or singolo: 35in x 79in (90cm x 200cm)
Una piazza e mezza: 47in x 79in (120cm x 200cm)
Piazza francese: 55in x 79in (140cm x 200cm)
Due piazze (which means "double") or
matrimoniale (for married people): 63in x 79in (160cm x 200cm)

Norway mattress size:
Small Single size: 30in x 79in (75cm x 200cm)
Single size: 35in x 79in (90cm x 200cm)
Large single: 47in x 79in (120cm x 200cm)
Queen size: 60in x 79in (150cm x 200cm)
King size: 71in x 79in (180cm x 200cm)

Asian mattress size:
Japan mattress size:
Small Single:   33in x 77in (85cm x 195cm)
Standard Single:38in x 77in (97cm x 195cm)
Super Single:   43in x 77in (110cm x 195cm)
Small Double:   47in x 77in (120cm x 195cm)
Double size:    55in x 77in (140cm x 195cm)
Wide  double:   60in x 77in (154cm x 195cm)
Queen size:     67in x 77in (170cm x 195cm)
King size:      76in x 77in (194cm x 195cm)
Long King:      76in x 80in (194cm x 205cm)

Singapore and Malaysian mattress size:
Single size:  36in x 75in (90cm x 190cm)
Super single: 42in x 75in (107cm x 190cm)
Queen size:   60in x 75in (150cm x 190cm)
King size:    72in x 75in (180cm x 190cm)

Thailand mattress size:
Single size: 42in x 78in (107cm x 198cm)
Small double:48in x 78in (120cm x 198cm)
Queen size:  60in x 78in  (150cm x 198cm)
King size:   72in x 78in  (180cm x 198cm)

China mattress size:
Single size: 39in x 75in (99cm x 190cm)
Small double: 48in x 75in (120cm x 190cm)
Queen size: 60in x 79in (150cm x 200cm)
King size:  72in x 79in (180cm x 200cm)

Korea mattress size:
Single size:  39in x 79in (100cm x 200cm)
Super Single: 43in x 79in (110cm x 200cm)
Queen size:   60in x 79in (150cm x 200cm)
King size:    65in x 79in (165cm x 200cm)

South African mattress size:
Single size: 91.5cm x 188cm 
Super Single: 107cm x 188cm
Double size: 137cm x 188cm
Queen size: 152cm x 188cm
King size: 183cm x 188cm

If there is any incorrect mattress size information,
please kindly contact IBENMA for further action.

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