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    Transformable Bunk Bed >>>
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  • Modular Single BedModular Single/Super Single Bed
  • Modular Children Low Loft Bed with staircaseModular Low Loft Bed
  • Modular Children loft bedModular Bunk Bed & Loft Bed
  • Modular Children High loft  bedModular High loft Bed
  • children sofa,bean bagChildren Sofa,Bean Bag
  • Baby  Cot 5 in 1 cot,lifelongLifecot Baby Cot

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About Us

iBenma Trading,initiated from Singapore, was launched in 2010 and dedicated to provide safe,natural durable and affordable kids friendly products to our customers. Our special product design, high quality and competitive price have allowed ourselves to make a strong presence in the market. Having established key relationships with only the highest quality manufacturers and vendors we are able to cater to your kids flexible demands. 

As a customer-oriented enterprise, we intend on supplying the best values in order to better cater to our customers who count on us for the best possible pricing available and rapid marketing response. By taking a modern day approach combined with our vision for growth, we are able to better assess and keep up with market conditions and trends around the world. This enables us to surpass our competition by allowing us to meet the unmet needs of our customers. 

We are able to source, secure and exploit products from the around the world by utilizing the vast network channels that we have in place. When iBenma Trading was launched, our goal was set to be a premier provider of quality branded Kid's furnitures,children's furniture and accessories. As a result we have quickly evolved into a key supply partner across the Singapore and other South-east country. Upon our high sensitivity for marketing trends, we can assure our customers the best user experience as per our mature and flexible supply-chain.  

Our commitment is to provide win-win solution as it has been since our startup. This allows us to fulfill our mission by providing not only quality branded products but also by being able to deliver on time. We intend to make our customer more successful in the market competition. By operating efficiently and effectively, we will always remain competitive leading us to provide you the very competitive price but highest quality products as per your variable demands.

iBenma: Care for kids, Care for future