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children bunk bed safety standard for guardrails

modular trundle bed, pullout bed

1. Non-Continuous (Open) Guardrail Bunk Bed.

children bunk bed safety requirements
1.End structure at the head of the bed
2.Guardrail height must be 5 inches or more above the mattress
3.Vertical spacing between rails and between the lowest rail and the mattress foundation or bed frame may not exceed 3½ inches
Children bunk Beds guardrail standard

2. Continuous (Connected) Guardrail bunk Bed.

children bunk bed mattress height

Note: Guardrail requirements apply to both sides of the bed when the bed is not secured against a wall.

4.End structure at the foot of the bed
6.An opening between the guardrail and the end structure at the head of the bed must be 15 inches or less
7.An opening between a guardrail and an end structure at the foot of the bed is based on the occupant's age
(see chart below for restrictions):

6 years old No more than
22 inches wide
7 years old No more than
23 inches wide
8 years old No more than
24 inches wide
over 8 years old No more than
25 inches wide

* Children less than 6 years old should not use the upper bed of bunk beds. Openings must be 22 inches or less to
allow use by any age group 6 years and older. Beds designed for a younger age group may be used by older
campers and staff.

---Data & illustration sourced from internet & public resource.

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