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ibenma baby cot - right choice for your baby

This baby cot is newly designed by ibenma and certified by SGS for EN71-3
standard for non-toxic requirements.
Usually baby cot do not have long life cycle after baby grown up to 2 years.
Parents will face one problem how to handle baby cot.No matter disposal or
keep in store room will definitely waste money. Ibenma baby cot will solve
you all concerns fully.

This baby cot is made from 100% solid Finland pine wood and all non toxic
materials with baby friendly features.

1. Baby cot for 0-2 years old
   This baby cot will be originally
one standard baby cot which cot mattress
   size is very popular size of 120x60cm in the markets.
   To considering mummy to take care new born baby easily, extra cot base will
   be available for different height demands.
   Two extra drawer is also useful to keep baby accessories such baby bottle, 
   pampers,changing clothes etc.

standard baby cot, baby crib with drawer

2. play table and day bed,side bed for 2-6 years old
   you can take out baby cot front guardrails to convert it to day bed,
   side bed or even playing table or sofa bench as your wish easily.

baby table, baby bench, baby sofa

3. Standard study desk 6 years+
   your child will go to school now and they need one standard study table
   to study. so it is time for you to raise cot base to standard study desk.
   Desk is so spacious that so you can keep computer, many books together on
   the desk. even you can choose extra bookshelf to put on the desk.

baby cot to study table

This baby cot is available in the showroom for experience now.

Goals for ibenma baby cot: 
providing mummy with safe, durable, economically and eco friendly baby furniture.


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