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M013 Modular Low Loft Bed | Slider Loft Bed share it on Facebook

M013 Modular Low Loft Bed | Slider Loft Bed



Mattress Size: Standard Single 1910x910mm

Except left or right side, Ladder also can be put at head or tail side;

Optional Parts: Slider

bunk bed with different configuration


How Modular Beds Work (up to 228 variants):


Made from 100% Solid Finland Pine Wood;

EN71-3 standard certified;

Five Years Warranty;

Modular design, Transformable for future demands;

Free Delivery & Assembly;

Natural color or whitewash color available for modular series bed.

All Pictures & colors are used for demo only. Please visit showroom for practical products you are interested.

Without explicitly request, Bed Base are all wooden color.
Please kindly note whitewash color may have slight visual color difference due to the nature of whitewash painting craftworks and natural wood textures inside.

Please visit showroom for more information.

 Certified By SGS.

SGS Test Report

SGS Test Report

SGS Test Report

SGS Test Report

Welcome to choose our 100% Solid Finland Pine wood furniture.

All our beds are designed well to fit for standard adult size mattress.
Mattresses are sold separately.
We supply certified high quality
  pure latex mattress Originally made in Belgium  for matching sales of  beds.
Please kindly approach our showroom for more information.


100% latex mattress directly imported from Belgium latex manufacturer with certified quality to cater for different sleep
demands. interested customer may approach showroom to check all original documents.

children & baby mattress, 100% latex

Begium 100% latex mattress

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