Bedroom furniture fengshui

modular queen size bunk bed

1. The key point for bed location is person lied in bed can see the bedroom door and windows, and at dawn, there will be possible sunlight to bed to help absorb the energy of nature.
2. Before putting one bed frame inside, dimensions must be measured thoroughly to make sure its length and width is suitable and bed frame has good support and comfort. Generally, height of bed is slightly higher than the bed's knee. The bed underneath should be empty so that it have enough ventilation; otherwise it is easy to possession of moisture that will lead to back pain!
3. Bed can not be near the door. It will be a bedroom taboo if you put the bed on the entrance of bedroom.
4. The best direction for bed is Southern and Northern in accordance with earth rotation. Sleep with head faced to south or north is healthy because the aorta and large veins in bodies blood circulation system feet towards the head and body in the same direction. When the human body sleeps in the north and south toward the aorta and vena cava, the body and the earth on the same direction of the three north-south line of magnetic field lines, then people are likely to fall asleep quickly, sleep quality is the highest concern for bedroom layout, so the north and south have some sleep to disease prevention and health function. Head west mean the blood overrun to hear often, sleep is less stable; head east if you sleep, you will have a peaceful feeling.
5. Bed frame should be lied against the wall without headboard, so that the head will not be vacant avoid unstable feelings; and also head of bed can not be put behind the toilet or bedside the kitchen.
6. Bed frame would not be put face to door to protect privacy and increase sense of security and good rest. In case of conflict with the door layout, you can use the screen to block the door.
7. To avoid to put bed below the not a beam press for repression concerns and potential physical and mental health, Air-conditioner or hanging chandelier above the bed should be avoidable before planning your bedroom furniture.
8. The bed should not face to the mirror, because during sleep process, people is easily frightened by the image of mirror when they get up at midnight and result in dizziness and mental peace; when one person fall asleep again, the energy gas would be the weakest while the mirror is the reflection power pole strong objects can easily reflect off the energy of the people, especially young couples and mirror faced to bed may result to infertility. If a mirror is not avoidable in the bedroom, it can be covered or turned to the wall at night. The best way is to put the marrow inside closet only available when you open it.

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