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When selecting furniture for your child's space, it's crucial to prioritize their well-being, considering aspects such as environmental impact, safety, practicality, durability, and the fun factor. Here's a comprehensive guide from Ibenma to help you make the right choices:

Green for Children:

Material Matters: Opt for environmentally friendly materials. Natural solid wood is preferable, emitting fewer harmful chemicals compared to artificial boards like MDF, Plywood, chipboard, and particle wood.

Paint Considerations: Ensure non-toxic, lead-free paints are used for children's furniture. Check formaldehyde emission levels for MDF, aiming for at least E1 or even stricter E0 standards.

Ibenma's Commitment: All Ibenma furniture are made of full solid wood. The paints used are non-toxic waterborne paint and EN71-3 certified.

Safety for Children:

Avoid Sharp Angles: Children's furniture should lack sharp angles to prevent injuries.

Bed Safety Features: Beds should be both firm for potential jumping and equipped with sufficient height and side protection to prevent falls.

Cabinet Safety: Ensure cabinet doors are easy to open and safe to prevent scratches.

Ibenma's Safety Measures: Ibenma furniture incorporates rounded curves to eliminate potential injury risks. Enhanced bed slats prioritize children's safety.

Practical Furniture for Children:

Modular Bed for Kids

Adjustable Heights: Tables, desks, and chairs should have adjustable heights to accommodate a child's growth.

Durable Construction: Choose furniture that remains practical and functional as children grow.

Ibenma's Practical Approach: Ibenma offers modular furniture, including loft beds, with adjustable desk and chair heights to adapt to children's development.

Fun for Children:

Family Bunk Bed Queen Size

Psychological Characteristics: Well-designed furniture should cater to children's curiosity, combining fun, gaming, learning, and practical functions.

Engagement: Involving children in the assembly of self-assembly furniture provides an opportunity for bonding and engagement.

Ibenma's Approach: Ibenma's family and bunk beds are designed to bring joy and excitement into children's living spaces.

Solid for Children:

convertible children bed

Focus on Stability: Children's furniture should be stable, with a certain weight, preventing easy lifting or toppling.

Easy to Clean for Children:

Waterproof and Easy to Clean: Children's furniture should be easy to clean and waterproof to withstand children's creative expressions.

By following these guidelines and considering the offerings from Ibenma, you can create a safe, green, and engaging environment for your child, ensuring their furniture remains practical and enjoyable throughout their developmental years.