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In the pursuit of selecting the ideal mattress for your child, especially during crucial stages of spine development, the abundance of options, from memory foam to spring mattresses, can be overwhelming. In this discussion, we'll focus on the latex series, a popular choice for health-conscious parents.

Understanding Latex:

Belgium latex mattress

Latex Pockek Spring mattress

Latex is a raw material, a milky white liquid composed of rubber particles dispersed in water. For bedding components, a blend of natural and synthetic latex is commonly used. Natural latex is derived from the rubber tree, while synthetic latex, known as SBR latex, is a mixture of crude oil derivatives. The industry often employs a blend of SBR latex and natural latex to achieve high-quality latex foam products with an eco-friendly touch.

What to Look For:

Choosing a latex mattress can be perplexing due to the variety of terms such as "100% latex" and "natural latex." It's crucial to be aware that 100% natural latex is practically unattainable in industry practice. Instead, focus on certifications from international institutes for assurance.

Key Certifications to Seek:

Oeko-tex Standard 100: Look for this certification, especially when selecting a mattress for your baby, as it ensures the absence of harmful substances.

Euro Latex ECO-Standard: This certification is another essential indicator of a latex mattress's safety in terms of harmful substances.

LGA Certificate/Mark: When uncertain about the warranty, check for the LGA certificate and related testing reports, indicating a commitment to rigorous, lifetime testing.

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