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Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Furniture to Avoid Pest Infestation

1. Wood Source and Certification: Ensure the wood comes from certified sources with phytosanitary certificates, indicating pest control measures during transportation.

2. Solid Wood vs. Compressed Wood: Opt for solid wood furniture over compressed wood, as it is more resistant to bugs if properly sealed.

3. Quality of Painting: Check if the furniture has been adequately painted to provide a protective barrier against pests.

At Ibenma, we prioritize quality and your peace of mind:

  • Wood Source: Our furniture is crafted from FSC-certified wood, ensuring sustainability.
  • Phytosanitary Certificate: Our wood undergoes pest control measures before reaching your home.
  • Solid Pine Wood: Constructed from 100% solid pine wood, known for durability and natural resistance to pests.
  • Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint: We use non-toxic water-based paint for added protection and safety.

Choose Ibenma for furniture that enhances your space while prioritizing quality, safety, and longevity.